S3E03 | Part-time Venture to Full-Time Career in 3 Months with Cat Race


CAT RACE | CatsDog Photography

Cat of CatsDog Photography has built a loyal fan base with her bright, colourful photography and even brighter personality. She launched her business back in 2013, growing it from a part-time venture to a full time career in just three months and six years later business is booming with a team of six members.


  • How Cat’s business has evolved from a part-time venture, to a 32-dogs-a-month high-volume business model, to the current 12-sessions-a-month successful, lifestyle business that she runs today.

  • How she sells session vouchers and collects leads at Crufts and Expos

  • How she sells Impact and Collection Artwork

  • And so much more!


Follow Cat to see her daily pet photography adventures on instagram - they’re worth a watch!

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Cat Race  -Toolbox to Success Infographic.png


  • Feel the fear and do it anyway - Susan Jeffers (A philosophy for life that I have listened to a gazillion times)

  • Art & Fear - David Bayles, & Ted Orland (A great reminder that all creatives go through the same cycles and that we must never give up on producing the work we love.)

Favourite APPS

  • Preview - allows you to see what your Instagram grid looks like before you post

  • Snapseed - quick and easy editing app for snaps on the go

Favourite TOOLS

  • Spider Holster - Genuinely one of the best pieces of kit I own. I got mine when I first ventured into dog photography and the benefits of being able to holster your camera on the go for hands free cuddling (or pooch-positioning!) without having to ditch your camera on the ground is invaluable.


  • Kaylee Greer - The outstanding colourful work she produces and her unending lust for adventure fills me with joy! She is an incredibly inspiring artist and person in general. I totally relate to her whacky style and loud personality - I often say she is an American version of myself. Love her!

  • Tim Flach - The very first ‘animal photographer I discovered was Tim, before I even dreamed dog photography could be a ‘thing.’ His work is something else!

  • Alicia Zymlowska - Her unique take on the dreamy image captures my imagination every time. I love her use colour palates and amazing eye for composition. Her concepts blow me away every time.

  • Laura Zalenga - She’s a mindbendingly creative self portrait artist who despite it not being her main source of income produces the most beautiful portraits I have ever seen. Each one has its own soul and message to convey.


  • The Pet Photographers Club (I think it’s such a great concept - so interesting hearing from different creatives in the field all with unique angles to share)

  • Online Marketing Made Easy - Amy Porterfield (One I listened to a while ago but had a ton of great tips)

Favourite quote to live by

Say YES to your universe!


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