Season 3 | Episode 2 | Snapshot on Client Gifts

This week’s Snapshot is about the strategy of gifting your client before they’ve placed their order.

To dive a bit deeper into the topic of Client Gifts, don’t forget to watch our full 20 minute video episode and join in the discussion online with our members in The Pet Photographer’s Club on Facebook.

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Caitlin McColl
Season 3 | Episode 01 | Craig Bullock on growing your business through publishing and personal projects

CRAIG BULLOCK | Furtography

Craig Bullock from Furtography in New Zealand, has been photographing pets for over 15 years, is an multi-award winning accredited master of photography, author of three bestselling books and the photographer behind the amazing Dog is Love series. He is New Zealand’s Portrait Photographer of the year and a Fuji X ambassador. In our interview he shares his experience with working with publishers for personal projects, and so much more!


  • Craig’s start in photography and the big changes that effected the direction he took

  • How the New Zealand earthquakes impacted Furtography and led to Quake Dogs

  • Partnering with a writer to create a book

  • Getting published and all the details on image rights, contracts and royalties

  • PLUS how Craig books clients and his adventure sessions

As well as shooting what switching to medium format and the expectation of being a brand ambassador

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