S2E10 | Quick Tip - How to Sell Gift Vouchers

Coming at you this week with a mini episode: How to Sell Gift Vouchers? Caitlin is a big fan of selling gift vouchers with a hands-free, automated system, whilst Kirstie likes to create a special gift experience by presenting and packaging hers beautifully.

Tune in to hear the pros and cons of each approach and join the Club to listen to the full 45 minute deepdive podcast as we discuss how to make gift vouchers successful for your business this holiday season.

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S2E07 | Commercial Photography with Jamie Piper

JAMIE PIPER | Cowbelly Photography

Jamie Piper of Cowbelly Photography has over fifteen years of experience working with editorial and commercial clients; everyone from pet insurance companies, to animal magazines, to dog food businesses. She specialises in creating modern, authentic images that help her clients get away from that stereotypical ‘stock photo’ look: a mission which led her to creating the Fetch Stock company. On top of all of this she also shares a tonne of eduction resources through her website Commercial Photographers’ Resources.

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S2E06 | Quick Tip - Online Gallery Deposits

Our latest question of the week is bouncing off some recent discussions we’ve been having in the Member’s Only Mastermind Group on Facebook about implementing pre-paid Online Ordering Deposits. Caitlin created this strategy earlier this year and it’s been working really well (particularly for the Tails book sessions), so we wanted to share how you could also use this strategy to encourage action and orders for Online Galleries.

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S2E05 | A Dog Blogger's Guide to Getting Seen Online with Beth Patterson


Inspired by the love of dogs, Beth Patterson created the online space, Daily Dog Tag which focuses on professional photography, rescue and quality products for dogs and the people who love them. Over the last six years Daily Dog Tag has grown into one of the top - if not the number one - blogs showcasing gorgeous pet photography from around the world and in today’s interview, we asked Beth all about it.

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