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S04E01 | Becoming a Commercial Pet Photographer with Sarah McGraw

Sarah McGraw | Sarah McGraw Photography

Sarah McGraw is a professional traveling pet photographer who specialises in natural, candid-style portraits. Her business has continued to evolve over the past decade and as of April 2019 she officially announced that she only be accepting commercial clients. We’re so excited to share with you all about this change and find out how this talented pet photographer is serving commercial clients and small businesses

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S03E13 | Ditching the Session Fee with Nicole Begley

Nicole Begley | Hair of the Dog

Nicole Begley requires no introduction. She’s the founder of the online community that we all know and love, the Hair of the Dog Blog and creator behind the online education membership for pet photographers at Hair of the Dog Academy. Today she joins us on the podcast for the second time, to dive deeper into business as a pet photographer, particularly pricing structures.

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S309 | The Six Steps to Phone Call Success with Mark Rossetto

Mark Rossetto | Mark Rossetto Coaching

Australian photographer, Mark Rossetto is regarded as one of the world’s best photography business coaches. He started shooting in the UK, moved back to Australia to establish his dream studio where he shot 500 families per year. He has since sold his studio, which is still successful and now pours his heart and soul into coaching photographers. He mentored our recent guest, Sarah of Serata Equine Photography, showing her the steps to a 6 figure business within 18 months.. a common story among his students.

Today we asked Mark all about answering that question we are always faced with as photographers.. “how much is..” as well as so much more.

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S3E05 | Building a Six-Figure Equine Photography Business with Sarah Mounsey

SARAH MOUNSEY | Serata Equestrian Photography

Sarah Mounsey of Serata Equestrian photography is in the first year of her business and has already turned over $150k! She offers something a little unique, with a rural studio to capture beautiful natural portraits of horses with their riders.

You can see from checking out her website that she spends time working on her business as well as in it, and that she’s a master at implementing what she learns!

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S1E04 | Making your Business Irresistible with Jenika McDavitt

Learn how Jenika McDavitt from Psychology for Photographers recommends building an irresistible business in this weeks episode of The Pet Photographers Club Podcast.
We discussed:
• The benefits of sharing your personality
• How relatability builds trust and the impact that has
• The exercise to know how much to share

• introduce your personality through a channel that gives feedback quickly

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