S2E07 | Commercial Photography with Jamie Piper

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JAMIE PIPER | Cowbelly Photography

Jamie Piper of Cowbelly Photography has over fifteen years of experience working with editorial and commercial clients; everyone from pet insurance companies, to animal magazines, to dog food businesses. She specialises in creating modern, authentic images that help her clients get away from that stereotypical ‘stock photo’ look: a mission which led her to creating the Fetch Stock company. On top of all of this she also shares a tonne of eduction resources through her website Commercial Photographers’ Resources.


  • How the commercial landscape has changed

  • Why Jamie is so passionate about sharing her knowledge

  • How Cowbelly partnerships led to Jamie’s first commercial gigs

  • Jamie’s tips for starting out and portfolio building in commercial photography

  • What is a client list and why is it so important in commercial photography

  • Where do Jamie’s enquiries come from and what’s her best marketing strategy

  • The process involved in landing a job including types of fees


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Recommended Apps/Tools

  • Asana - Project management software

  • Blinkbid - Bidding calculator for commercial photography

  • Flipboard - App for digest information from articles

Favourite People/Publications/Podcasts

  • Terrible Thanks for Asking podcast

“When it comes to serving clients of any kind, always strive to under-promise and over-deliver”


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