Season 1 | Episode 7 | Using Zapier to Automate Your Business

In this Members Only Deepdive, Caitlin and Kirstie dive deep into using Zapier to automate your business. We also discussed some tips to improving the SEO of your website's homepage, a new way to seed relationships with local dog-friendly businesses, printing your own photography book, payment plans for your clients and establishing social proof in your business. 

Deepdive Resources/Links

Tails of Tasmania Coffee Table Book by Ragamuffin Pet Photography
Tails of Success (Learn how to publish your own photography book) Print on Demand Books
Payright Take-Home Lay-by Service
Zapier Automation between online services/apps
Proof App Social Proof on your website

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Kirstie's New Home Page

Now with text for Google to read

Caitlin's Website

Blog posts with the title texts displayed at the bottom of the page, as these get constantly updated and Google rewards new content. 

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Kirstie's Blog Post

Linking to dog friendly businesses around Adelaide helps her SEO and also plants the seed for potential future partnerships

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Tails of Tasmania is officially released

Caitlin's latest coffee table book is complete and available to order

[Grab yours here:]

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Print on Demand Books

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Caitlin introduces Payright

This take-home layby payment plan option means that her clients get their artwork quicker and she gets paid quicker.

We'd highly recommend researching a similar service in your area, as having payment flexibility will really help you best serve your clients.


Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 7.05.25 pm.png

Connects all your different web apps and automates actions between them

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Example of Kirstie's Third Party Promotion

Potential client details are collected in Squarespace and then pushed via Zapier to a "Google Sheet" (cloud based spreadsheet, similar to Excel)

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 7.05.13 pm.png


Squarespace form > Google Sheets > Sends Email to Client > Analysed by Kirstie

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Automating Social Media

Caitlin connects photos upload into Dropbox to her Facebook page via Zapier so that every new client is welcomed on Social Media. 


client booking form > photo uploaded to dropbox > photo shared to facebook

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 7.35.56 pm.png

Proof App

Pops up on your website to increase social proof - something to consider if you are running a new launch or sale for your business. 

Caitlin McColl