Season 1 | Episode 5 | Become the Client


In this Members Only Deepdive, Caitlin and Kirstie dive deep into the benefits of hiring a photographer yourself, so that you can fully understand the client experience. We dissect what we've each learned about doing this, then brought our partners into the show to see what we could discover about our shoots from their perspective.

My experience as a client

1. I want an idea of pricing
2. Advertise your location

3. Search Engine Optimise your photos
4. Use hashtags to get found
5. Customise your website template
6. Make your social media accessible
7. Keep your social active and updated
8. Share your personality - and make it consistent
9. Help with outfits (e.g. guides or flexibility)

Our Partners’ experiences as clients

1. Guidance is appreciated
2. Keep it varied
3. Confident photographer = confident client
4. Don't make the client ask for what was promised
5. Add a bit of FUN
6. Create an experience (locations? Activities?)